SMT Shipping Company Success Story

Vanessa Voorham – Conquering Office Gifts for Christmas and Beyond

SMT Shipping Company is an international maritime transport company with offices around the world, and Vanessa Voorham is a true New Yorker who juggles a lot of responsibilities within it. Among other tasks, she handles public relations and marketing, as well as management consulting for SMT. As if that wasn’t a tall enough order, Vanessa is also integral to creating a working culture that demonstrably values its team-members. As she said, “The best part of my job is the chance to celebrate great moments in the lives of my colleagues – marriages, new babies, anniversaries.”


  • Promote a positive inter-office corporate culture in which employees know they are valued, and which celebrates their important personal and work-related milestones.
  • Deepen and improve relationships with VIP clients all over the world by thanking them for their continued loyalty.
  • Celebrate important holidays as a company to bring a sense of joy to its hard-working team.


  • SMT Shipping Company needed to efficiently organize year-round delivery of gifts for employee milestones.
  • They also needed a large-scale, annual holiday gift campaign for VIP clients in more than a dozen countries.


  • Gift Baskets Overseas assigned Vanessa a dedicated Corporate Gift Specialist.
  • The Corporate Gift Specialist sends email reminders throughout the year about previous dates Vanessa has ordered for, making it easy to remember & replicate orders for employee loyalty gifts with new presents.
  • Vanessa’s Gift Specialist checks in well in advance of major holidays to create SMT Shipping Company’s annual holiday order in a single transaction.
  • Gift Baskets Overseas’ Corporate Gift Specialist even takes care of Vanessa’s shopping, working within her budget and desired gift parameters.


Vanessa reports that Gift Baskets Overseas makes all their international gift deliveries easy. SMT Shipping Company now consistently celebrates employee milestones year-round, and their annual VIP holiday gift campaign for clients has never gone more smoothly. Vanessa said, “We now send gifts to more than a dozen countries over 4 continents, and with Gift Baskets Overseas we can guarantee that each of our clients will receive a gift of the highest quality. [Additionally,] the gifts [our employees] receive from Gift Baskets Overseas allow us to say thank you to our staff and their families for their continued dedication and support.”

Final Word

Straight from Vanessa to you: “We [SMT Shipping Co. employees] are a very tight-knit group…Gift Baskets Overseas has been a great partner to work with to make sure that our colleagues know we are thinking of them during important milestones.”

There is never a bad time to think about using gifts to improve corporate culture and client relations.'s Corporate Gift Specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to help companies of all sizes re-create Vanessa Voorham’s international gift delivery success. Email the corporate team at: [email protected] or call 1-888-673-2822.