Customs Concerns


Is My Gift Going Through Customs? Won’t that take forever? Are there duty fees?

The short answer is: Nope!

Your gift will never see a Customs agent, your recipient will never pay taxes or duties fees upon delivery, and we deliver to all but the remotest parts of the world in less than a week, often in 3 days.

We know that sounds a little extreme. We boast about being able to handle individual orders as well as corporate orders of any size, in 200 countries, so we can understand if you’re a little skeptical. But there’s a simple explanation, really, and it’s that is a truly global company. Learn more in a 1-minute video.

Our regional managers, gift experts, and 24/7 customer support staff are all over the world, connected via a system unique to our company. Your gift basket is created inside your recipient’s country of delivery, when you complete your order. So it never crosses a border.

Please see the Comparison Table to compare our local delivery pricing with cross-border shipping costs & customs fees.

Our customer support staff is always available to accept your order, and they make sure each gift request is sent to the appropriate regional manager, where our gift experts are ready to create your gift.

So you see? It’s really not so far-fetched at all. And just in case you forget Tom’s birthday until the last minute.

And he's’ in China.

We can still get it there in time.

Plus, we’ve got some really cool gifts to China – and 200+ other countries too. Check them out:

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